‘Theorising Queer Space and Time: Rewriting Historical Perspectives’

Wednesday 28 November: Dr Katherine M. Graham and Dr Simon Avery, Queer London Research Forum, University of Westminster on ‘Theorising Queer Space and Time: Rewriting Historical Perspectives’

Lecture Theatre 1, Darwin Building, RCA Kensington

Since the 1990s readings of history and historiography have been repeatedly challenged and interrogated by developments in queer theory. At a material level, this has allowed us to uncover unconventional and potentially subversive histories of sexual subjects, while at a theoretical level it has allowed us to examine how these histories may be constructed and written. In many ways, queer theory has offered the most innovative rethinking of historical practice over the last two decades.

In this talk, Kate and Simon examined a number of material histories of London and interrogated how these histories might be theorised through a queer consideration of space and time. Focusing in particular on the spaces of Vauxhall and Soho, literary representation of queer pubs, and the haunting figure of Oscar Wilde, we explored the possibilities and limitations of queer history from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

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