Welcome to the Queer London Forum.

Following the success of the Queer London Conference at the University of Westminster on Saturday the 23rd March 2013, Simon Avery and Katherine M. Graham have set up the Queer London Forum, an organisation designed to foster discussion, debate and analysis around the idea of Queer London and London’s queers. We will be organising both academic and public events, and we hope to annouce some of these soon.

If you have any questions please get in touch: s.avery@westminster.ac.uk and k.graham1@westminster.ac.uk.

One thought on “Welcome to the Queer London Forum.

  1. Thank you for mail . It seems rather paradoxal to me, writer living in Tuscany, to think that London has always been a rather conservative city that gave the possibility to the most revolutionary and original artists to express their own idea of life. Queer London is like to me a couple of severe parents who had the misfortune to give birth to sons and daughters who expressed works opposite to the rules of life instaured at their time.

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